ICMR Interventional Cardiovascular MRI Working Group

ICMR@CMR 2018 annual workshop; Barcelona, Spain

Speaker slides

00 Welcome

Kanishka Ratnayaka (UCSD)



01 Pediatric/congenital heart disease

Bram Ruijsink (KCL)

02 Adult

Daniel Knight (UCL)

03 Electrophysiology

Philip Sommer (Leipzig)

04 Lessons from year one

Suren Reddy (UT Southwestern)

Provocative MRI catheterization


05 MRI stress catheterization: Fontan

James Wong (KCL)

06 MRI catheterization with Nitric Oxide

Michael Quail (UCL)

07 PVR, Right heart function with MRI exercise

Guido Claessen (Leuven)

08 MRI stress catheterization: exercise

Jaffar Khan (NIH)

09 Magnetic resonance-augmented cardiopulmonary exercise testing

Vivek Muthurangu (UCL)

ICMR imaging/devices: present/future


10 ICMR with off-the-shelf devices

Toby Rogers (Washington Hosp Ctr)

11 MR guided electrophysiology imaging and catheters

Solenn Toupin (Bordeaux)

12 Real-time Phase Contrast MRI

Rajiv Ramasawmy (NIH)

13 ICMR will enable the next stage in structural heart intervention

Kanishka Ratnayaka (UCSD)

14 ICMR defibrillators

Ehud Schmidt (Johns Hopkins)

15 MRI catheterization guidewires

Christian Meierhofer (Munich)


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