iCMR Interventional Cardiovascular MRI Working Group

iCMR@SCMR 2017 annual workshop, Washington, DC

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Kanishka Ratnayaka (UCSD)



Gateway drug: X-Ray fused with MRI

Brent Gordon (Loma Linda)

When I could have really used ICMR!

Amish Raval (Wisconsin)

MR guided interventional electrophysiology initial targets

Saman Nazarian (Hopkins)

ICMR = One Stop Shop

Toby Rogers (NIH)



Update on Progress: new pediatric cath site

Aimee Armstrong (Nationwide)

Update on Progress: old pediatric cath site

Joshua Kanter (CNMC)

Update on Progress: new adult cath site

Alexander Dick (Ottawa Heart)

Update on Progress: old adult cath site

Jaffar Khan (NIH)

Update on Progress: new EP site

Henry Chubb (KCL)

Update on Progress: old EP site

Philip Sommer (Leipzig)



MRI guided transcatheter shunts

Kanishka Ratnayaka (UCSD)

ICMR EP Instrumentation or Devices

Bruno Quesson (Bordeaux)

ICMR Cryoablation

Eugene Kholmovski (Utah)

iCMR guidance for endovascular therapy

Fabio Settecase (UCSF)

10 year plan: MR guided fetal intervention

Chris MacGowan (Toronto)

MRI catheterization device visualization

Adrienne Campbell-Washburn (NIH)


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